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Jim Mellentine, Sunshine Acres USA

Ellen is a fantastic team member. I hired Ellen to market real estate on Facebook. She quickly got up to speed on the characteristics of the properties I sell and demonstrated comfort and confidence when screening potential buyers in facebook messenger. Her ads directly resulted in two sales in her first month. I highly recommend Ellen for your next project.

James Klein, Klein Management LLC

Ellen is an incredible asset to my small real estate business and personal life. She's timely, autonomous, and doesn't let anything slip through the cracks. She got up to speed very quickly by taking a lot of notes and I have no hesitation trusting her with sensitive information and credentials, ie. to handle payments or medical issues. Ellen has helped me with a wide range of tasks from start to finish. On the real estate side, she's handled siding & roof replacements, refinancing, and even finding tenants. On the personal assistance side, she's found doctors, scheduled appointments, and helped buy & sell things such as furniture and electronics. I would highly recommend Ellen for any job or project. She will get up to speed quickly, learn how you and your team operate, and take ownership on getting things done.


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